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IQS Tech Fest

is a day long event with exhibition area for startups, Keynote sessions, an Investment Forum
and networking area.



09:00h | Doors open

10:00h | Welcome: Oriol Pascual; Director at IQS Tech Factory

10:15h | Keynote: "The Digital Brain - From Science to Technology" ; Stephen Dunne, Managing Director at Neuroelectrics (In English)

11:00h | Guided Tour : Health, MedTech & BioTech Startups**

12:00h | Keynote: "From 3D printing to the plate"; Lynette Kucsma, Co-Founder & CMO at Natural Machines (In English)

12:30h - 14:00h | Investment Forum*

13:00h | Guided Tour : CleanTech, Sports & Wellness Startups**

15:00h | Guided Tour : Industrial Techniques, Automation & New Materials Startups**

15:30h | Workshop: "Beyond the Edge: The future that is coming" ; Alfons Cornella, Founder and President at Infonomia (In Spanish)

17:00h | Keynote: "The Renaissance of our Species" ; Neil Harbisson, Co-Founder at Cyborg Foundation (In Spanish)

19:00h | Closing Party

** Meeting point- In front of Partners Zone (Bellavista, Fluidra Accelera, Lubrizol)

* By invitation only