Advanced Industrial Techniques, Automation & New Materials

3D Click: online collaborative platform for the packaging ecosystem, which allows the packaging to be customized directly in 3D, reducing the product's time to market.

Astrea Materials: advanced materials for the elimination of pollutants transported by the air.

Atomsim: simulations for the efficient design of new materials.

Bonadrone: design and manufacture of drones from 3D printing.

DrSails: range of high technology adhesives for repairs of all kinds, specially designed to operate in humid environments, such as the nautical sector.

FutureSiSens: thermoelectric sensor based on silicon nano-technology, capable of self-supplying energy and detecting respiratory problems such as sleep apnea or pneumonia.

MESbook: system for the management in real time through the IoT of all the actors of the factories of any sector or size.

MJN Neuroserveis: Company dedicated to the design and commercialization of a portable device for the registration and prediction of epilepsy crisis. 

Nido Robotics: underwater robots that allow the inspection of the seabed in extreme conditions.

Onyriq: polymeric materials aimed at the orthopedic sector that through 3D printing print in different degrees of rigidity.

Opticits: solution that allows to evaluate and manage the resilience of cities and organizations. Intelligent transport management and logistic control system based on artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms, which allow managing complex supply chains that need to improve their efficiency.

Zymvol Biomodeling: technology capable of generating customized enzymes through computational simulation.

CleanTech, Sports & Wellness

AEInnova -Alternative Energy Innovations: technologies for the production of electrical energy through the recovery of waste heat.

EcoBaula: Manufacture and distribution of any product of cleanliness in individual capsule format and of easy dissolution.

ENGIDI: wearable fixed inside the helmet that allows monitoring and safety conditions of workers in industrial environments.

H2ONow: improving access to drinking water in rural areas through the creation of new technologies, specifically in the field of mobile technologies.

iBreve: wearable able to monitor breathing and stress levels in real time to prevent anxiety attacks.

Lab Sport Europe: development of PlusO2, a height simulation mask during sports training.

NX-Swim: wearable for swimming professionals that allows them to improve their performance.

Orchestrasci: membrane that contains a chemical component capable of separating carbon dioxide (CO2) in biogas and industrial emissions.

Pista Negra Sports: ski boots with two positions; flexible and rigid, which allows to substantially improve the comfort during skiing.

Submer Technologies: cooling technology for data centers by immersion, which saves up to 99% of costs.

TAPP Water: filter that allows to obtain clean and healthy water from the tap, with a minimum environmental impact.

Vitae Kombucha: handmade probiotic drink.

weallare.Co: first glove that protects aesthetic prostheses of the upper extremities.

WhiteCrow Tech: hub for mountain bike wheels (Plus and Fat) that allows you to change tire pressure on the fly, and adapt it to the terrain.

Health, MedTech & BioTech

Adan Medical Innovation: smart solutions to improve the management of severe allergies.

Asderco Laboratories: Dermatological products for healing and relief of the symptoms of common and rare skin diseases.

Asimbio: wearable able to predict and diagnose cardiac pathologies.

Burüburan: The world's first flip-flop dryer.

Cebiotex: drug delivery technology with polymeric nanofibers in the field of pediatric oncology.

Glycoscience: anti-mosquitoes of reinforced potency, soluble in water, and non-toxic, based on biocatalytic techniques.

IOMED: software for the structuring and analysis of clinical data through artificial intelligence.

MOWOOT: non-pharmacological and non-invasive solution for chronic constipation.

Nanomol Technologies: advanced technologies for the generation of new nano-medicines and drug delivery solutions, which allow a better therapeutic efficacy.

Naru Intelligence: first intuitive system aimed at women with breast cancer, which guides the patient during treatment and recovery, providing direct communication with the doctor and allowing the monitoring of their levels of toxicity, symptoms and quality of life.

New Born Solutions: non-invasive medical device for the detection of infant meningitis.

Psycocode: artificial intelligence applied to the development and management of psychological tests.

QREM Regenerative: lab-on-a-box that allows the generation of serum rich in cytokines for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Sense4Care: technologies that allow the improvement of the quality of life of people with diseases such as Parkinson's.

Servocad Microtronics: medical devices based on micro-mechanization and microelectronics, which allow minimally invasive surgeries.

Surgitrainer: realistic simulation tool for the training of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Tractivus: Tractivus designs the next generation of implantable medical devices.